At Islamic Institute of Atlanta, we work to hard to ensure that our students excel, not only in their deen, but also in their secular education. IIA has taken measures to ensure that students comply and even exceed the state of Georgia’s academic standards for their grade level.

The Curriculum

The students at Islamic Institute of Atlanta enroll in the online K12 program through Georgia Cyber Academy. 

The award-winning K12 curriculum is rooted in decades of research in effective educational practices and the insights of cognitive science—the science of how the mind works and how we learn. The K12 curriculum features:

  • A comprehensive catalog of courses with engaging online lessons, videos, and interactive games, complemented by hands-on manipulatives and interesting textbooks
  • Core subjects and electives, including world languages
  • AP®, honors, STEM, and dual credit offerings
  • Career Technical Education (CTE) courses, many leading to certification

Full-time students complete their schoolwork each day through a combination of:

  • Online lessons and interactive activities in the Online School (OLS)
  • Hands-on, offline activities using provided materials, including textbooks and workbooks
  • Real-time interaction with teachers and classmates in a virtual classroom

Online public schools adhere to state standards. Students enrolled full time in an online public school report attendance and take standardized tests and other required assessments.


IIA has acquired qualified staff dedicated to overseeing our student’s day to day academic progress and making sure they are completing the necessary requirements for the curriculum. Students that need extra help are given time set aside for them during the day per grade level, to review subjects important subjects like math, english, history, and science to ensure they have the skills to perform well.

While online teachers provide academic instruction and guidance, the Learning Coach also provides important support. For example, the Learning Coach:

  • Helps students organize the learning environment
  • Uses provided instructional guides to help students make progress through daily lessons
  • Uses online tools to help students log attendance and manage their schedules
  • Communicates frequently with teachers in order to foster students’ success

Learning Coaches receive support in various ways, from written guides to live online sessions with other Learning Coaches.