Educational Overview

In this day and age, where darkness has enveloped the world in its reigns, one of the best ways to find light is through the Holy Quran, which has been described by Allah ﷻ as a “guidance for all mankind”. Through the process of hifz, or memorization of the Quran, the hearts and minds of our youth will be illuminated, and they will learn to guide themselves through the teachings of the Quran.

Islamic Institute of Atlanta seeks to empower and educate our youth to become citizens that excel and thrive in the real world. To achieve these goals the school is structured on learning the traditional K-12 curriculum along with the Hifz and Aalim program.

At this time we are accepting students ages 10 and up.


The other core program of this facility will be its 6 year intensive Islamic seminary program. Students that will join this program will become scholars with a large knowledge base in all major areas of Islamic sciences. A sample of the concepts taught in this program is as followed.

Nahw (Arabic Grammar) / Sarf (Arabic Morphology)

The objective for studying Nahw is to learn the grammatical rules governing words, their states, their position in sentence, and sentence structures, so that one can read with thorough comprehension, write and speak without errors. The objective for studying Sarf is to master verb forms, their origins, their paradigms, changes and variations, and specificities.

Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence)

Students will be taught all four schools of thoughts in detail, so that they may have sufficient command of Fiqh to guide Muslims in their daily lives.


Studies in hadith will include a 1,000 hours of direct teacher instruction in the prominent books of Hadith, including Sahih Al-Bukhari, Sahih Al-Muslim, and other famous books of hadith.

A core program of this facility will be its Hifz program. Students will take a series of intensive courses that will teach them foundational Islamic values, memorization of the Quran, solid tajweed, and foundational leadership.
Islamic Institute of Atlanta seeks to empower and educate our youth to become citizens that excel and thrive in the real world. To achieve these goals the school is structured on learning the traditional K-12 curriculum along with Hifz.
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Each application is carefully evaluated by our Admissions committee.

Admission at IIA is based on a combination of the following:

  • Past school performance (report cards)
  • Teacher recommendations
  • Successful student interview

Step 1:  Applying

To apply at IIA, one must fill out the online application or print it out here and e-mail it to the school at

Step 2: Follow-up

After the application is reviewed, you will receive an email or call requesting an in-person interview.  

 Step 3: Interview

The Admissions Committee performs a personal interview to determine whether an applicant will experience success at IIA.

Step 4: Acceptance

If everything goes well and the family wishes to enroll their child at IIA, we will contact you and send you an acceptance letter.

Step 5: Records

After the completion of all these procedures, the applicant must ensure that IIA receives ALL prior school records as noted below.

  1. 2 Forms of ID Required
    • Passport
    • Birth Certificate
    • Driver’s License 
    • State Issued ID Card
  2. Proof of Legal Status
  3. Proof of Residence (Utility Bill)
  4. Previous School Report Cards
  5. Immunization records

If you have any further questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact the Admissions Office at or call our office at 404-590-7929.