Islamic Institute of Atlanta relies on contributions from North American Muslims. It is our humble wish for all of our brothers and sisters throughout the world, especially those residing in North America, to become part of this educational garden. It is our humble wish for all of our brothers and sisters in the local area to become a part of this community. Please send your tax deductible donations payable to “Islamic Institute of Atlanta”. You can pay donations online using your Bank Account, or your Credit Card.  Please do not forget to specify whether your contribution is a “Donation/Sadaqah”, “Zakah”, or “Sponsoring a Student ($4500)”.

Note: If you are paying Zakah, please add 2.15% + $0.25 USD to your Zakah amount since that amount is deducted as a transaction fee.

Otherwise your Zakah will not be fully paid.

Support the change. Islamic Institute of Atlanta aims to provide opportunities for students from all backgrounds. We strongly believe that islamic Knowledge is one of the most vital resources a community can have. We have scholars at hand, ready to train the next generation of scholars and huffadh to lead the ummah and tackle the challenges in the modern world.a

We offer:
– Memorization of the Quran
-Accredited online K-12 Program
-Current Enrollment: 28 Hifz Students | 4 Alim Students | 10 Alimah Students
-Islamic Scholarship & Authentic Credibility
-Student Recreation: Sports | Game Room| Periodic Field Trips| Quran Competition| Public Speaking Competition

To continue providing authentic Islamic Education, and creating leaders and imams for institutions and masajids around the world. We are in need of your help. 

At IIA, we believe that the cost of tuition should never be an obstacle for anyone who wants to seek an Islamic education. That is why we have started the “Adopt A Student” program which enables students to attend IIA through the generous contributions of people like you towards this fund. Otherwise, these students might have not had such an opportunity to receive a good quality Islamic education. 

Any amount of contribution on your part goes a long way in supporting this program and the students who depend on it (by the will of Allah) to attend our school. To contribute towards this noble cause and receive ongoing charity by providing a Muslim child with an Islamic education, please click the donate button below


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Mail your completed checks forms to:

Islamic Institute of Atlanta

1776 Sylvan Rd SW,

Atlanta, GA 30310